10 days, and a couple of 2 day followups

This week I added Janda Situps, and the Full Contact Twist into my rotation on Variety days. These are great abs exercises that don’t take a lot of time. Overall, I have been trying to keep the time to workout at less than 30 minutes per day, and most of these days this week were closer to 25 minutes. That’s easy enough to get into any schedule.

For some reason, I had several people this week tell me that "oh, you use kettlebells, so you must be doing Crossfit!" And the answer is, no. I have issues with Crossfit, probably the biggest one being that they really don’t base their workouts on anything but wearing yourself out. All Crossfit is is a program of circuit training, which is nothing really new, but it is marketed really well. One of my other problems with Crossfit, is since there are no coaching standards in the Crossfit gyms, the workout one gets is totally dependent on what the coach, or what you bring to it. The quality varies wildly. That’s what leads to so many injuries. I mentioned Crossfit to Sasha’s Physical Therapist and she said that they get a lot of business from Crossfit folks. She did not recommend it.

I’m seeing much better results for myself with these simpler, shorter strength exercises (and with practicing the breathing, lifting, and safety techniques that I get from Pavel’s books) than I ever did when working out at the gym for much longer periods. But hey, YMMV. If I feel like throwing in some circuit work, I pick something off of Gym Jones. Mark Twight from GJ actually quotes from the 1950’s era coaching manuals where a lot of these circuit workouts come from. It’s an interesting read. But I have several more weeks of working on a foundation of basics before I do anything more advanced. As I said before, I’d rather not get injured.

Week of 9/27/9

    44# KB Swings – 5 sets of 30 w/active rest
    44# KB TGU – 4 each side
    44# KB Clean & Press + Pullup 1-2-3 Ladders – 3 sets

    44# KB Clean & Press + Pullup 1-2-3 Ladders – 3 sets
    44# KB Snatch – 10 each side – 2 sets

    Pistols – 5 each side
    Janda Situps

    44# KB Clean & Press + Pullup 1-2-3 Ladders – 3 sets
    44# KB swings – sets of 25 w/rest – 6 minutes total
    Janda Situps

    Full Contact Twist – 3 sets of 10 – 25# plate
    Janda Situps

    44# KB Clean & Press + Maxercist Row 1-2-3 Ladders – 3 sets
    44# KB swings – sets of 50 w/rest for 4 minutes total

    44# KB Crush Curls 3 sets of 5
    Janda Situps
    Full Contact Twist – 3 sets of 10 – 25# plate
    35# KB Hot Potato 3 sets of 10