Get back Jojo. Go home.

Aside from getting sick in the middle of the week, it was pretty good. I’m following the ladder progression for the lifts as outlined in the ETK book that I have been using as my main workout guide. This week added another set of the three step ladder. after 5 sets, I go back to three sets, but with 4 steps on the ladder. Once I hit 5 of 5 (in about 6 weeks), then I go up the next size Kettlebell, which would be 24 KG or 1.5 Pood (52 pounds to the Americans) and start at 3 of 3 again.

I keep swapping things around on the variety days, partly for fun, and partly to fill in gaps for whatever I feel I need to work on a bit more. Mostly it is Abs exercises, since Ab strength is what protects you most from injury. The Janda situps are damn near impossible so far, so I may pick up an abs wheel to help strengthen some of my weaker muscles there. I have been avoiding regular situps since the tighten your hip flexors, which I am trying to stretch out. Welcome to the fun of opposing muscle groups.

I should note that all of my transient lower back pain is gone since starting this workout. From what I read a lot of lower back pain is the muscles in your back fighting against your hip flexors, which get really tight if you sit on your butt a lot. Loosening those muscles lets your back get on with it’s regular job of support. KB swings are great at strengthening the lower back along with legs and glutes. Work on your abs to round your core out, and you are a lot less likely to tweak your back at random times. Or at least it has worked for me.

Week of 10/4/9


    44# KB Clean & Press + Pullup 1-2-3 Ladders – 4 sets
    44# KB Snatch – 7 minutes (35 each side total)

    Full Contact Twist – 3 sets of 10 – 35# plate
    Janda Situps
    35# KB Hot Potato 4 sets of 10

    44# KB Clean & Press + Maxercist Row 1-2-3 Ladders – 4 sets
    44# KB swings – sets of 50 w/rest for 8 minutes total

    Sick. Rest.

    44# KB Crush Curls 4 sets of 5
    Janda Situps
    Full Contact Twist – 2 sets of 10 – 35# plate
    44# KB Goblet Squat 4 sets of 5

    44# KB Clean & Press + Pullup 1-2-3 Ladders – 4 sets
    44# KB swings – sets of 25 w/rest for 6 minutes total