Ours goes to 11

This week I added Dumbbell Rows to start strengthening my back again so I can start Pull-ups. Since I haven’t been able to to pulls with my elbow (it’s pretty much all healed now) My back is pretty weak and I can only do a few pull-ups before I fail. These rows are a good intermediate way of building back up.

I had planned on doing the HKC this March, but I can’t work it into my schedule. That, and I don’t think I’ll be physically ready in time to do it well. There should be another in September (I hear) so if that turns out to be the case I will try then. I have started doing some forms corrections which are helping, it’s much harder to lift when you are doing it wrong.

I also managed to roll an 11 for minutes with the added rows. That’s 44 minutes of lifting. ouch. When it was done I rolled over and almost squashed the cat.

Week of 1/24/10


    24KG KB Military Press – 5 Minutes
    Pistols – 5 Minutes
    20KG KB  Military Press – 5 Minutes
    40# Renegade Rows – 5 minutes

    20KG  Slow Cadence Snatch – 6 minutes
    16KG  Viking Push Press – 6 minutes

    Corrections practice
    20KG + 16KG KB High Stop Military Press – 11 Minutes
    20KG + 16KG KB Double Front Squat – 11 minutes
    16KG KB Clean & Press – 11 Minutes
    40# Renegade Rows – 11 minutes

    16KG KB Overspeed Stretch-Band Swing – 7 minutes

    20KG + 24KG KB Double Jerk – 7 minutes