+2 Savings Throw vs. Gravity

Tough workout this week. I roll randomly for times and lifts and made some heavy and long rolls. That which does not kill you…

I added a gripper to strengthen my left arm, I couldn’t stretch the last bit of tendon in my elbow until my arm got stronger. so I have one of those little grippers at my desk to work that up. It started helping right away. I have my fingers crossed but at this rate my elbow will be totally pain free in another week or so.

I’m loving the ETK+ program. good variety and lots of heavy work. Having squats in the list really helps as well. Next week I’m adding some rows to start on my back as well. The program calls for pullups, but I can’t to very many without irritating my elbow still, but rows should be fine.

I was hoping to do the HKC class in March, but there’s no way I can get the time for it. That’s a bummer, but there will be another in a few months I bet. In the meantime I’ll find some other intermediate goal. At least I’m finally burning my gut off. If that didn’t start soon I was going to get a cheese grater or a girdle.

Week of 1/17/10


    20KG + 16KG KB Double Clean and Press – 9 Minutes
    Pistols – 9 Minutes
    24KG + 16KG KB  Alternating Military Press – 9 Minutes

    16KG  Swing – 7 minutes
    12KG + 16KG KB Double Viking Push Press – 7 minutes

    Bag Leaves
    20KG + 16KG KB Double Clean and Press – 12 Minutes
    24KG KB Goblet Squat – 12 minutes
    24KG KB Military Press – 10 Minutes

    12KG + 16KG KB Double Snatch – 7 minutes
    12KG + 16KG KB Double Viking Push Press – 7 minutes