That’s a wrap!

Our last day on the cruise was mostly a day at sea. We slept in as best we could, then spent the day by the pool relaxing and talking to people. We met a nice couple who were the parents of one of the girls that Sasha met on the trip. They were from Orange County, and were loving the cruise. They also hoped to see a little of Seattle before they flew home, so we gave them some tips on what they could see. They planned on trying to see Pike Place market, and they thought the idea of seeing the first Starbucks there was pretty cool.

We did little else but rest until we hit our final destination, Victoria BC. We docked at the main cruise terminal, which is a bit outside the center of downtown. We decided to walk, instead of taking the shuttle bus. We had a nice walk through a residential center. Apparently one of the residents really hates the cruise ships, and sprayed graffiti all over the place complaining about the ships. There was also graffiti from another neighbor complaining about the first.

Perhaps, this is not the best way to present your city.

But for us we had been to Victoria several times, and enjoyed the walk into town. At the legislature building we caught a horse carriage to take us up Government street. The girl driving our carriage gave us the quick tour. She was super enthusiastic, and didn’t stop talking until she dropped us off. In fact, I think she spoke in a single sentence the whole time. She dropped us at the back of Bastion Square, and we started walking back to and down Government street looking for a nice place to eat.

We ended up finding a really nice French Restaurant, and had a terrific dinner, a nice break from the ship’s food. After some food, wine, and espresso, we were tired. We had a few more hors in town, but since we had been here so many times before, we opted to just take a few photos and head back early. We grabbed a cab to the dock and got back on board.

We already had our departure time set. Yulia had a film the next day, so we opted for expedited departure and were going to be up at 7:15 to carry our own luggage off. We had a great trip, but were ready to get home.

Alaska was amazing. We will certainly go back.