Power to You, too!

*Now*, I’m getting sore.

Yesterday I had a chance to attend a 6-hour hands on class led by Pavel Tsastouline. If you read anything I ever write, you would know that he writes pretty much the best Kettlebell and strength training stuff out there right now (unless you are an elite lifter, but that’s a whole separate field.)

These classes were “Bullet Proof Abs” for abdominal work, and “Naked Warrior” for bodyweight work. I already had both of these books, and was interested to go over them in detail. The class was held at Kettlebility in Seattle, and had 20 people or so in attendance. This was great, because Pavel could give us individual attention, and a little nerve-wracking because when Pavel gives you attention you know it.

What Pavel made clear from the start, was that this was a class about learning and practicing concepts, not just exercises. This made perfect sense to me, as I have read most of his books, and all of them lay out some core concept or set of concepts, and then build a system upon it. It is the opposite from most everything I had read up to that point, which was all “Do these 10 exercises!” type junk.

“Strength is a Skill” gets said a lot with Pavel. We heard it in class, and put it into practice. For the first class, we went step by step through how to activate the abdominal muscles in turn, then in unison. We went through several sets of exercises that applied basic principles, then learned how to apply all this into designing your own ab workouts. We did the same for pushups and pistol squats in the second class.

All of this was based on learning basic movements individually, then applying them in unison. pavel went over using these same techniques for lifting and other exercise. I can’t count how many situps and pushups I did over the class time. By the end, we were all wiped out. But the skills we learned were worth it.

Pavel seemed pretty pleased with the class, folks were better prepared than his last class, and listened to instruction as well as can be expected. (at least we didn’t have to do burpees for not listening.)

It was fun, and I learned a lot. I hope I can attend another such class in the future.


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  1. What a cool opportunity this must have been. I’ve been reading some of Pavel’s stuff, and he seems pretty intense. I can only imagine what he would be like in person.


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