Poor Thag. Always picks rock.

Well, another year with no Heart Attack. I declare that a success.

Fitness wise this was a pretty good year. I was able to press the 70Lbs Kettlebell with one arm, Make 100 snatches in 5 min with the 44 Lb Kettlebell, Hit 17.8% bodyfat on the 31st (that won’t stick, but it’s good anyway), and attended a class with Pavel which rocked (I had wanted to do the HKC training, but I can’t pass the pullups test yet)

I also participated in a six-week pushup contest at work, where I doubled my ability to do continuous pushups (25 to 50). That hurt.

I also took my fist ski lesson and succeeded in actually figuring out how to get down the hill. (Go that way really fast, if something gets in your way – turn.)

For this new year, I am starting with the diet and lifestyle plan from The Primal Blueprint. (primalblueprint.com) This dovetails in nicely with my kettlebell workouts, and seems to be very well thought-out and evidence based.

I finished reading 4-hour Body for fun. it’s a blast of a book with lots of cool body-hacks and thought-provoking ideas. That book led me to read Gary Taubes’ Good Calories – Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat. Both are insanely detailed and go through the whole Fat/Cholesterol hypothesis vs Carb/Insulin hypothesis for fat accumulation. It’s pretty hard to argue with the good research that Gary details, especially when it matches the frustrations that I have had with my workouts and stalled fat loss.

In any case it will be a fun experiment for the new year. That and it is hard to argue with anything that tells you to eat more bacon.