Back to the Grind

I haven’t blogged about fitness or working out all year, and hey, I suck, but deal with it.

Since we started our house remodel, I haven’t been able to work out at home, and have had to go to the Pro Club instead, which is a lot less fun. The people down in the free weight room scare me most days, standing on BOSU balls flailing weights about like a mad flailing thing. I’m surprised most of the time that I don’t get my head caved in.

With that and getting sick for a bit, I really haven’t been regular until the last month or so. At that point, I started working on Military Press ladders with the 28Kg (62 Lbs) kettlebell. I am doing 3 rung pressing ladders. I just went up to four sets each, and am now adding 44lbs snatches in as well. Hopefully I can get up to five sets within two weeks then move up to four rung ladders.

Originally I was hoping I could jump from the 53lbs to the 70Lbs kettlebell, but that just wasn’t going to happen. I can still press the 70lbs bell just fine, but not for enough reps to do ladders.

I also managed to get Yulia a few free passes to the TRX classes by shaming myself in a TRX demo. I might get one of those for home as well, it seems pretty neat.

Good to be back to the workouts, even if it is in a combat zone.