Ours goes to ’11

I suppose that the end of the year is a time for reflection. Sadly, since I do not actually wear a tinfoil hat, I am not that reflective.

This year, I really appreciate the number of people who came into my life, and will truly miss those who have left. The thing that I truly enjoyed about Facebook is how you can add new people to your life even in a small way, and though you might not be physically close to each other, you have a connection that you might not have had before.

The downside to this also means that sometimes you learn about the loss of people who might completely passed you by. I found out today that an old friend from high school, died this week trying to save someone else’s life. I’m never sure how to feel about something like this, in that I might never have reconnected with this person in life, but knowing that they’re gone still feels like such a loss.

I suppose the best we can hope for is to keep building as many new, great, wonderful people as we can, and hope for as little loss as possible.

On the personal front, this marks one full year of Paleo style dieting, which has meant 20 pounds down and feeling a lot better. I’ve seen a lot of my friends get healthier this year, and a lot of family get healthier as well.

My lifting has improved. I’ve been able to try a lot of different, unique systems, and everything is been a fun and interesting challenge. I feel good that I can end the year feeling stronger and have had a lot of fun in the process.

To friends, family, and acquaintances alike, I wish a good year. Rarely, if ever do I agree with people on everything, but even when we disagree I hope that things work out the best for everyone.

Hope your 2012 is good, and as the Mayans say – Time to buy a new calendar, this ones out!