What day is it anyway?

Into a small wine glass, squeeze the juice of one lime wedge. Add one shot Repisado Tequila. Drink. Repeat as required.

We are now on vacation. I would normally start vacation writing early, but things were so goddamn hectic that I barely had time for a quality shit, let alone some fancy pants writing. I am now sitting on the balcony of our room, looking at the local tourist “pirate ship” take the current load of drunken tourists around the bay at Cabo San Lucas. I haven’t had internet access in well over 24 hours, and thus my writing was not happening.

This is now alleviated.WP_20130630_001

We always plan our vacations well in advance – at least six months to get good reservation pricing. But for some reason I am incapable of packing anything until I actually have checked into the online checking 24 hours before we fly. So this leads to a mad dash around the house to find all the little piles of shirts, cables, and other things that I think I will need when we travel. No matter what, I am always wrong. This time I have taken too much. Specifically, an extra computer and cabling. I don’t need to dial in for my job anymore, but I took it by habit. I can do everything on my Surface, but oh well.

We had a 6am flight on Sunday out of Seattle, so I was up at 6 on Saturday to check us in. This early bird approach gained us the option for a First Class upgrade all the way to Mexico, so I jumped on it. Flying First Class on an upgrade is always a good choice, but I make it a point to get back the cost of the upgrade in free drinks if possible. On shorted flights this can be a challenge. As this was a 6am flight, this challenge was Expert Level.

We woke up at 2:45 to catch a shuttle from our house. The night before, Sasha had her Spring Showcase for Ballroom Dance. That ended at 10:30. As expected we were not sleeping well. Yulia woke up at 1:00am. Sasha couldn’t sleep until 1:30. The drive to the airport and stumble through security were a total blur. but we were glad to have some coffee and a banana at the coffee stand inside.

Naturally, once on the plane, things were better. First class served a nice yogurt and fruit breakfast. The newlyweds in front of us had mimosas, so Yulia had the same, while I ordered Bloody Marys. After the third one, things felt more normal. We had a short layover in San Jose California, before continuing to Los Cabos. On the last flight, I just had a scotch, and a few G&T’s to get ready for the heat.

That turned out to be a good plan, as it was 93 degrees when we got off the plane, but an easy ride into Cabo to our hotel. We have all the shuttles pre-arranged so we don’t have to deal with taxis and such, and the hotel is just outside of the main strip, across the dry river. We stayed at this complex before, but this time we are at Villa Del Arco, and have the All-inclusive option. Which is nice, so our food and drink are included. Please note: I am at a place where all my booze in covered.

They will regret this.

In the meantime, we have settled into a very nice 1 bedroom suite, so we have a separate room from Sasha, with a fantastic view of the ocean. The whole place is fantastic. And the food so far has been amazing.

We walked to the marina earlier today. It is about 20 minutes to walk down the beach, and every few feet, some guy offers you a water taxi or jetski. If we moved up the surf a bit, they offer to sell you ceramic plates or silver jewelry. You think after seeing me say “no, gracias” to the first 100 dudes, the next one would at least offer something different to say no to. Hell guys, let me say no to the donkey show or something. Throw me a bone here.

We walked the malls,hit the tourist stands, and had lunch at Cabo Wabo. I have to say, the place has really fantastic food. If Sasha was older, we would take in a show there.

Back at the hotel, we rested at poolside, and Yulia ran into one of our fellow First Class travelers from the flight down. Yulia recognized him right away because he looks like The Rock, and speaks with a Scottish accent. Turns out his wife went t Newport with my sister, and he recognizd me from the plane, as the woman sitting next to him was shocked during the flight, and told him:

“Did you see that, someone ordered a glass of scotch at 9 in the morning! What kind of person does that?”

  1. I didn’t know it was only 9 am.
  2. Fuck you, welcome to México bitches.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve got the serious stink-eye from “first class” flight attendants when I order a scotch early in the morning. Some try to cut me off early, too.

    On the other hand, I had one awesome flight attendant on a trip to Vegas who not only served me 3 doubles, she tucked an un-opened Glenlivet into my sport coat “for later”.

    We stay right across that dry river at Pueblo Bonito Las Cabos.


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