Repent – to the left, to the left…

The internet connection in this hotel  is fucking marvelous. It’s like being back in 1994. Thank god I’m too drunk to actually care.

The ocean this morning wWP_20130701_008as a damn blender. huge waves were crashing on shore, even though the wind was not too bad. The red warning flags were up, and while a bit unnerving, it was really beautiful to watch. Yulia took an early jog along the beach, and when she was done, I went down and did a few runs in my new sandals. Running on sand is always a good workout, and trying to learn a forefoot strike while wearing huraches makes it even more fun.

That made us all good and hungry, so we had another great breakfast at the main restaurant. The food is amazing here, and the service is so good that it is starting to creep me out. I feel like I need some indifferent hipster to ignore me and get my order wrong  so I can get back to normal.

Today was spa day for the ladies. Having a world-class spa was one of the selling points of this resort, so Yulia and Sasha signed up for a nearly full day spa treatment. This was massage, skin treatment, hot and cold spas, and all that general witchcraft. I don’t really know how it works, because I’m a guy, and consider Old Spice to be a skin treatment and falling down the stairs a massage.

While they were off, I inquired about some snorkeling tours, checked on Oscar at the Dog sitter, and went for a walk. I decided to walk a city loop from the main entrance of the hotel, into the marina district. The streets are a bit sketchy behind the hotel, but not actually bad. This just looped around the downtown to the marina, then I walked back up the beachfront to the hotel. It was a good hour walk, and great exercise.

Coming back into the resort I ran into  our friends from First Class again. They were a bit surprised that I walked a loop of the town for no reason, and looked at me like I was insane.

I spent  the rest of the afternoon on our balcony, reading the latest Dan Brown book. Which like all his other books, is a frustrating mess of implausible plot littered with dense art history that I have no chance of understanding. Naturally, I can’t stop reading it. Eventually Yulia and Sasha returned, looking very refreshed, and we went to the Pirate Boat restaurant for a late lunch (which, I think,is technically a “supper”. Or some damn fancy name. I just know it’s free.

Did I mention that we have a pirate ship shaped restaurant and bare in the middle of the pool? Fuck. And. Yes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the pool swimming and chatting with folks in general.

Later, I was introduced to some kind of Mexican public shaming ritual called “Zumba” Apparently, this is a kind of cleansing ritual where one dances poorly in public while others drink and film you with their iPads. Yulia joined me for Moral support, and after shaming myself sufficiently, we were dismissed to a crowd of laughter, and I took two Margaritas to complete the washing of my sins. Sasha moved across the pool and refused to watch at all. The shame was apparently too great.

Later in the evening, we ordered food into the room, and watched the sunset from the back of the hotel. It is really quite beautiful, and I hear that it happens every night. I hope it’s part of our all-incluseive package, because I’d hate to pay full price for it.