I thought there wasn’t going to be any math…

WP_20130703_005Winds and waves were lower this morning.  So we made plans to get a water taxi to take us across the bay to Lover’s Beach and the Arch. The upside to being offered a taxi every few feet on our walk into town the other day was that we now knew the best place to pick one up. We already knew that the water was too rough right outside our Resort, even with the wind down the waves were still way too rough to get near the waterline. But halfway down, in front of the Mango Deck, there was a very smooth landing spot, and a company with foldup ladders on the boats.

This was much easier, and meant that we had a lot less chance of Yulia hurting her rib any worse (from her fall three weeks ago). it was a cheap ride, and the driver told us that the latest storm wiped out the beach under the arch, so we gave him a tip to take us around the point t get a few photos of the famous stone arch, then headed for the beach.

The beach was stunning, and hot. We took something like five bottles of water with us, and when we felt the heat we were glad to have it. The sand cracked under our feet as we walked inland, with a dry crust that we would step through until we got close enough to the other shore for it to be moist again. Waves from the unprotected side were crashing  up the rocks, and it was a really amazing sight. Once the heat really got to us, we headed back into the bayside of the beach, and found the swimming area just a bit in. We rented an umbrella, and a few beers from one of the locals, and Yulia swam while Sasha and I watched the local Chipmunks steal food from the other Americans when they weren’t looking. Pelicans stood on the rocks nearby watching the whole show, waiting for small fish to be scared up to the surface by the snorkelers. It was hot and good.

We took in as much heat as we could, then caught the next taxi back to the shore. This one was a glass-bottom taxi, which gave us a full view of not a goddamn thing. Cool bubbles though.

We made shore, hiked back to the hotel, with local vendors offering us a water taxi, after watching us just disembark a water taxi, and had a great lunch on our Pirate Boat. Eating lunch, I did a little math. At every meal, even though it is covered on our all-inclusive plan, we get a bill. This lets us add an extra tip past the pre-included amount, if we want. It also lets us see what this meal would have cost if we had paid cash. Extrapolating out, if we keep eating at our current rate, we will eat the equivalent of 1.5x what we actually paid for our stay here. With a little work, we could double it.

Challenge Accepted!

I ordered two shots of bar tequila and beer chasers, and retired to poolside.  We checked the Resort schedule, and found that tonight was the “Latin Dance Night” over at the partnering Villa in our group, and was part of our all-inclusive. This seemed like a good plan, so we rested at the pool, swam, and rested some more until the evening. Once we cleaned up and dressed, we walked over to the other resort for the dinner and show.

It is a short walk from Villa del Arco to Villa Del Palmar. But as we noted, they couldn’t be farther apart. Villa del Palmar is the “economy” resort, and while it has a great restaurant on the beach, the shows are apparently the nightly “all you can eat” bonus.  The crowd looked like extras from “Jersey Shore” and men large enough to use their bellies as their own speedos. The food was of low quality, but made up for it in volume. Wow.

The drinks were the same as our hotel, so we clung to our little alcoholic life rafts and waited for the show. It opened with a round of musical chairs for the kids, which by a strange coincidence, had better footwork than the show to come.

At her last showcase, Sasha was judging the younger kids in their dance events. Not as in being judgmental, but the actually ran a kid’s event, and she was scoring them professionally. Both Yulia and Sasha were very excited to  see Latin dance in Mexico, but this wasn’t it. It was bad enough that Sasha started scoring the show from our table. “They are moving their hips and ribs at the same time”, “This is not a proper Samba”, it was awesome, and probably the best part of the show.

We did get a souvenir bottle of tequila with a family photo on it, which comes in a close second.

We are still hoping to find some great latin dance here. But that wasn’t it.