Who’s the U-Boat Commander?

Our snorkeling cruise wasn’t until 1pm, so we didn’t have to rush in the morning. That’s the one problem with a lot of tours they tend to start pretty early. This gave us time for breakfast, and to pick up some things in town. Pretty much we just needed some extra Sunscreen, which can be a pain as I have an allergy to most sunscreens, and only feel safe using Nutregena. We had brought a lot, but were using it faster than expected. The mall has a pretty good pharmacy, and they had it, but it was expensive as hell. A sunburn is bad, but an allergic reaction is wayyyy worse, so I paid the ransom and got the stuff.

Our next stop was a surf shop to get some swim shirts. These things look dorky as hell, but are UV resistant, and a Poly/spandex mix that keeps you just a little warmer in the water. I picked one up earlier, and tried it out, and it made a huge difference in heat while swimming. Since we were going to be floating face down for about an hour while snorkeling, these looked like a good investment.DSC_0001

Our boat was on the far side of the marina, by the cruise ship dock. It was a hot walk all the way around, with vendors and water taxis offering us their services all the way. We had been here by cruise ship years before, and the whole plaza had been rebuilt. It was really an improvement, even the vendor flea market was upgraded, so we checked out the stands nearby while the boat was getting ready. Yulia haggled a vendor down on the price of a wrap/dress/blue thing which was good for post-swimming, but other than that is was all the same stuff as everywhere. There was no cruise ship in town, so prices were at their normal level, as opposed to the “special” price reserved for the cruise boats, which was approximately double.

Our boat was a nice catamaran, the “Cabo Blue” It was a group snorkeling trip, and we got on early to snag good seats in the shade. The trip was pretty full, and those who got on late were hanging out in the webbing or baking in the sun. Once we were underway, it cooled down nicely, as we had a light tailwind, and an open bar. I stuck to light beer, which at 3% was basically Mexican Gatorade. The volume of beer drinking also meant that I got to visit the Men’s Head, which was located on the Starboard hull, down a hatch, and the toilet was up on a platform from the floor. This involved some creative footwork and angles to use while we were underway, because as the ship pitched and bounced, the toilet would gurgle and spit at you. It was horrifying yet strangely hypnotic.

We cruised past the arch, took a few photos, then headed around the point to the anchorage. This was nice as most of the local snorkeling tours just go to Lover’s Beach, and this was further out, with fewer people. This meant a longer drive, but as I said, the beer was free. The wind was stronger at the anchorage, but once in the bay, it was calm enough to set anchor and dive. They gave detailed instructions in Spanish to everyone, then said,  “For everyone in English, it’s the same thing” then threw us in the water.

We had 50 minutes to explore. The water was cold, and the swimshirts worked great. The water wasn’t super clear, as it was a choppy day, but the schools of fish were huge. A calm day would have really improved visibility, but what we could see was really impressive. The swimming was really the hard part, and we got tired fast. We started heading back t the boat when they blew the return whistle. It was had to believe that the full 50 minutes had passed, it went so fast.

Once back on the boat, they served lunch, which was pretty basic but good, had more drinks, and started heading back. What was a nice tailwind on the way down was a pretty strong headwind on the way back. Waves were splashing up through the webbing, and across the deck. It was really chilly, but a lot of fun. Our seats were the driest on deck, mostly out of the splash zone and it was fun watching the others get soaked. One guy loved it, moved down onto the webbing and was drenched from head to toe. The wind was drying the salt water on us, and we kept brushing off salt crystals.

Finally we made it back to dock, with the wind stopped it went from chilly to overheated in about 60 seconds. We planned to just walk back to the hotel, but halfway around the Marina this plan just wasn’t going to happen. An hour of swimming and hot/cold swap were a bit much, and we found a Pedal Cab to take us back to the hotel. The guy looked like he was going to have a heart attack about halfway through. With waterlogged towels and clothes, we were probably heavier than he was expecting. He got us there without serious medical attention, so we tipped him and left. Planning for our next tours was underway…   WP_20130705_023