Working for the Weekend

For the weekend, we took a bit of a rest. (note: I had to look it up to figure out that it was the weekend. ) Saturday was spent with me at poolside, learning that you can still get sunburnt through a deck umbrella. Sasha rested in the room most of the day, and Yulia swam and walked the beach. We ordered drinks, swam and read until 6pm.

Seriously, that was it.

WP_20130630_003We booked tours for Monday and Tuesday, and headed down the beach for dinner and music at the Mango Deck. We have been doing so much during the day that we haven’t had energy to go out at night, so this seemed like a great plan. The live music at the Mango Deck was the best and biggest on the beach, so we went there. It was a party madhouse. It was full of drunk teenagers, dancing and taking down shots, and the food was fantastic. It was pretty cheap too, for a beach bar.

The band ran for a full set, then took a break, pounded shots, then headed offstage. We ate dinner, then the MC came out for a TV song trivia contest. This was pretty hard, as we sat behind the speakers, so it was hard to hear clearly, but we were able to get 14 points, with Sasha getting our biggest score by naming the song to “Full House” after a few clues were thrown out.

We didn’t win, but it was a blast.

On Sunday, we went back into town to get some shoes for Yulia, check out the silver shops again, and bargain at our favorite Flea Market. The guy at the flea market recognized Yulia, which saved us a lot of time haggling on prices, he pretty much just took whatever offer she made. We walked back around the marina and had lunch at the Hard Rock café, which is a total tourist spot, but they had some cool memorabilia, and the prices weren’t too bad. It was also nice to get American food for a change, especially since we don’t actually eat American food at home, so it was actually unique for us.

Sasha was blown away by the guitars, gold records, and all the cool stuff on the walls. We played our usual game of naming the artist and song that was playing, and were stumped on one for a bit, until we recognized it as the Skype ringtone. The bartender was running the music off his laptop and someone was calling him. It happened twice.

Our waiter spoke great English, and he turned out to have graduated from Federal Way High School. He was living back in Mexico, as he was trying to get his US citizenship, and needed to apply from Mexico, while his sister sponsored him. (we weren’t sure of all the details, but we wished him luck on his application)

We headed back to the Hotel, as we had a seminar at 4:00 on “How to burn Belly Fat” This was too fun to miss. The personal trainer for the gym here held a little talk on diet and exercise. It was pretty much just basic Paleo talk and HIIT for exercise, but some of the folks there thought this was the most foreign  thing possible. At least there was free water.

All day the waves on the beach were getting closer and closer to the hotel. Red flags were up. Californian tourists were surfing. When we returned to our room, we had a notice on our door of an impending storm warning. The staff was loading up the cushions from all the deck chairs.

Arranging the deck chairs, eh? Should be fun.