40 Years of Nutrition Research Fatally Flawed

Truly Shocking (said no one at all).


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  1. After everything been said and done what isa fact is that if you eat too much or too much of certain food you are going to put gain. . No one can argue with that.


    1. Well, actually I can argue with that easily. And I frequently do. The impact of certain foods on Metabolism, insulin, and Gut Flora outweigh quantity or calorie count.


      1. Well being a health care professional with nutrition education background and as well as a diabetic I do think that qualifies me for some experience.
        However , as many smokers who continue to be in denial will tell you that smoking is no bad for your health nor does put themselves and those around in danger. .you can’t argue with those who will refuse to believe the facts….since it is nothing more than a waste of precious time


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