Forward Deploy to the Bar

WP_20151015_15_54_54_Rich_LISasha and I are off on a short trip this weekend. She has a Dance competition in San Francisco, so we are taking a quick flight down. This means I get to do two things:

  • Drink
  • Play with my travel shit

I’ve been trying to up my game on what I travel with. I picked up a ExOfficio travel vest on one of our trips (it’s the kind of thing with lots of pockets on the inside, so you can pack it with shit without looking like a Jungle Ride reject. It’s pretty amazing actually. All the specialized pockets for ID, Pens, tickets, etc feed my OCD perfectly, it is much lighter than a full jacket (which I always end up carrying anyway) and works like a small extra bag for all it holds.

I still use my Tommy Bahama duffel bag as my carryon. It’s just roomy enough but squishes to any size to cram into the overhead when other bags don’t fit. I also got a new computer bag for travel. it’s a 5.11 Tactical RUSH Mike. It’s the same quality as the 5.11 Tactical PUSH pack that I have used for a few years as my shoulder bag for travel. I have that along as well to hold my camera (the Nikon D200 with a 50mm lens.) The camera and pack stuff into the duffel perfectly.

I have my 11” HP Elitebook, and a Kindle. Some cables, an external battery for the phone, a mini wifi hotspot, and cables, etc.  This plus my Windows Phone (with 20MP camera) round out the lot.

It’s all compact and light. I only need my dopp kit, some shorts and shirts for the weekend.

I’m on the move.