Drinking in the Scenery

WP_20151015_20_42_15_Rich_LISo naturally,  anytime I’m out and about, I’m drinking.

But picking what to drink can be a real pain in the ass. It’s like ordering coffee. I drink a ton of coffee but I’m picky as hell about it. I like straight espresso. But most places suck at making the actual coffee, and depend on the mixes and sugar to make it drinkable (see: Starbucks et. al)

Alcohol is much the same. I like to drink wine, but most places serve expensive, high-alcohol fruit bombs. Also wine goes best with food, and I’m not always up for a full meal. Beer is a great drink usually. If you can find something that is a local drink it’s typically light in alcohol (relatively) and you can get some really fascinating flavors depending on what the brewmaster intended. But drinking beer when you fly is not optimal, as it’s just too gassy to enjoy in a low-pressure air cabin.

Then you have mixed drinks. These can go either way. On the plane, you can never go wrong with a Bloody Mary. Good flavor balance. Hydrates. and any vodka will do in a pinch. There is usually at least one good whiskey in stock, and whiskey goes with everything. If you are on Hawaiian Air, they have Trader Vic’s Mai Tais. Last time we flew Hawaiian I emptied their stock. That was epic. I could barely walk.

Now we are in the hotel for the next two days getting ready for dance sessions and competition. That’s what I like about dance, unlike gymnastics there’s always a bar nearby.

I think I’m going to experiment with cocktails. I think an Old Fashioned sounds good as a start.