Do you like Pina Coladas?


Rush Hour

So we’re in our condo now. This is really goddamn nice.

We spent our first night in Maui at the Hyatt Regency. We booked the Condo 7 months ago, but had to keep hunting to get a deal on plane tickets. We ended up getting tickets for a day early, so we got a night in a hotel for the difference. It still ended up a better deal. Airline prices are weird that way.

The Hyatt is a cool place, but it’s starting to show it’s age. The grotto bar is still there, and really cool, but the rooms are small and worn, the elevators smell like Depends, and there appears to be an infestation of cats. Fortunately, I like cats. There’s also a lot of construction, as they are remodeling everything to turn it into timeshare slots, which is the way of the future for these older places. They didn’t offer anything reasonable for a share of a stool at the Grotto Bar, so that ended any interest I had.

As nice as it is, the place is just really damn expensive. Fortunately, we were tired and not too hungry, so our small snacks and single drink each only cost a bit over $100 and fuckthatsjusttoomuchgoddamnmoney. Add that to the huge volume of people and children running around and the appeal of a big hotel just isn’t there. We left early the next morning to mess about around the area and get to our condo.

The condo is the Makani Sands, north of the big hotels right in the middle of an older district. It’s still only 10 minuets tops from downtown Lahaina, and is right next to the Sugar Cane Train, which I’ve loved since I was a kid. It’s an old steam train that runs through the sugar cane fields taking you into Lahaina while playing Don Ho music. We drove past the station on the way up, and it didn’t seem too busy. Apparently that would be because it closed down two years ago.


Downtown Lahaina on the other hand hadn’t changed much at all. We stopped for lunch and walked under the Banyan Tree, along Front Street, in and out of the shops. Very little had changed. We will have to take more time to explore, but I got to see the figurehead of the Carthaginian at Crazy Shirts, the old King’s Garden, the Historical Prison and everything I remember. We grabbed some Shrimp at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, which is in the old Lahaina Broiler building. I like the building as it has a massive Monkey Nut Tree growing in the center of the place. It’s still impressive. The shrimp and drinks are not bad there, but it’s a chain. Nothing to see. Move along.

Our Condo looks to be from the 60’s. No major remodel, no Air Conditioning. It has ceiling fans, and all the windows are those old glass slat type, so they rotate open like venetian blinds. The wind blows through the place and it cools right down. The decorations are the originals of what Tommy Bahama pretends to be, and we have two full bedrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony that is within shouting distance from the beach. We stopped for groceries and drinks at the local market, and after some walking and swimming, put up a nice dinner. I even found pre-mixed Trader Vic’s Mai Tai and Pina Colada. Score!  It’s much quieter and more peaceful here. We decided to relax, rest, and do nothing for the first few days. We want to really take it easy. So we signed up for a 6 am Zodiac Tour out to Molokini for 6 hours of snorkeling.

I’m not sure we have the whole “do nothing” thing down yet.