Point of Order

20180704_162452We took a day to visit our friends who moved from Seattle down to Dana Point, Roger and Anya. Yulia has been friends with Anya since they worked together in Moscow before we were married. They moved down from Seattle to San Diego a few years back because housing wasn’t expensive enough in the Seattle area. That, and Roger has Photography business here that made sense to move closer to. Also, something about sun and not living where it rained all the time. Who knew people liked sun?

It was easy to find their place. The house was just off the freeway, and they we not too far from the main Beach. Anya was waving from the balcony and ran down as soon as we pulled up. Hugs all around, and she brought us in to see the house. They’ve only been in this new house a bit longer than we have been in our house, so they are still about where we are with finding things to repair, figuring out what goes where, etc. It’s a nice place, with an amazing garden filled with fruit trees (something about sun again). We all talked a bit, then went for a tour.

Dana Point has a free community trolley system (those funky Bus-trolleys, they looks weird, but they work) So we just had to walk to the local stop and get picked up. It’s a nice little beach community. Houses increase geometrically in size and price the closer you get to the water, then you hit the public beach. It was packed with the whole town, getting ready for the 4th celebration. We took a walk and visited the local marina.

We stopped for a drink and some snacks at the marina. The restaurant had a great view of the boats. We love boats. We have a boat back in Seattle, and keep it at a marina on Lake Washington. (Carillon Point Marina. We’ve been at a few, and had storm damage sometimes. This marina is in part of a natural bay – big difference) There isn’t a natural bay here, so this was all behind a man made breakwater. I’m sure it’s crazy during a storm, but today was hot and calm. The other great thing to watch is boaters who don’t know what they are doing. We had plenty of that to watch as a few attempted poor docking attempts, or having Jet Ski renters towed back in with empty tanks by the sheriff.

We walked a bit more to enjoy the beach and sights. The beach stretched out on one side, while the cliffs got higher on the other. The houses on the cliffs kept getting larger and more grand. With these views I can’t even imagine the price. Roger came around after a while and picked us up. The plan for the evening was just to BBQ at Anya’s house, have some of their neighbors come over, then watch the fireworks from their front balcony.

20180704_184821.jpgAnd that’s it. We actually just had a relaxing evening. No running around, no events. We took the evening to just talk and catch up. Everyone should visit their friends more often. I know we should. Eventually the sun came down, and the fireworks started. Anya and Roger have an Airedale who is pretty scared of fireworks, so Roger spent time with her in the Laundry room running the washer to drown out the fireworks. Some Cannabis dog snacks also helped calm the dog down. (Welcome to California) You could see big fireworks displays in several locations along the coast. It was a great display.

It was really relaxing until I got a last-minute call from my team in India. They had a bunch of questions that only I could answer, so I had to jump on Skype and do a conference call. That’s the tech business, even on vacation.

Other than that, it was a fantastic time. Now it’s their turn to come back to Seattle for a visit.