Double Score

We actually came pretty close to sleeping in. That might be a first. I should probably stick a plaque on the wall. We had breakfast reserved in Goofy’s Kitchen. It’s our favorite of the character breakfasts. You start with photos with Goofy in all his cooking outfit, and other characters come around as you eat. The food itself is basically “Suicide by Breakfast”.  They have a lot of everything, and I mean everything. Sasha’s favorite for the last decade or so is Peanut Butter Pizza.

Please kill me. 

The bacon is thin enough that I refer to it as “bacon paper”, but there’s no limit, so I made a few bacon books and chowed down. Great Eggs Benedict, and the Pozole soup smelled great. I ate some cinnamon rolls and french toast, and regretted that immediately. (I just can’t eat bread like that). We got some nice character photos, and generally stuffed ourselves. Once we could move again, we headed towards the parks.

It was fairly late in the morning, and already getting hot. It wasn’t as bad as it had been, but we weren’t at peak temperature yet. We got fastpasses for Soaring again. Unfortunately, we got put into the lower corner seats for the ride, and that just breaks the effect of the screen. It’s still cool, bu we need to do it again from the center. Our next Fastpass was for Toy Story Midway Mania. It’s a strange ride to be so popular, but it always gets a massive line right off. Since we had the pass, we went and cooled off at the Grand Californian hotel. We went over to the lounge to rest and get some drink, and sat to escape the heat.

There have been a lot of security changes at Disney. The bag checks have been moved to the ends of the Disney Downtown, and include Metal Detectors now. They also have some gates on the sidewalks going to the Grand Californian hotel. We like to go through the hotel to the California Adventure Park, there’s a Hotel Guest special entrance. But we get turned away in the morning when going between hotels. It doesn’t make sense. But if we go from the park to the Grand Californian, there’s no issue. As I said, it’s a mess. 

20180708_150804After our break, we went back to the park and went down to Pixar Pier. Even the Fastpass line for Midway Madness was longer than normal. The ride is really worth it, Nothing more fun that target practice. It’s all digital, but a real fun time. I’m also pretty good at target games, so I usually get high score for us. Sasha is starting to get good, I might get overtaken soon. But not today.

We decided to head over to Disneyland. We could see on the app that lines were a lot shorter. On the way we stopped at the Blue Sky display. This is a little building near the Winery restaurant, and it always has displays and designs of upcoming attractions. In this case, it was showing how they redesigned Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier.  Aside from the regular miniatures and drawings, there was a full video from the designers bout how they approached the project. They talked about method, but they really went into the passion about design they have for this work. It rang true to Sasha as she says a lot that what she loves about Disney in general is the extreme attention to detail. It really brings you into another world when there is just yet another little thing you notice each time. They love to build it as much as we love to experience it. That’s pretty cool.

Lines in Disneyland really were shorter. We pretty much walked on all the Dark Rides (Snow White, Mr. Toad). Alice in Wonderland has had a bunch of small upgrades that are big improvements. Just a few extra effects make it so much better. We even got on the Teacups. I love the teacups. Yeah, I’m a child.

By accident we walked right into a perfect viewing spot for the Disney Pixar Parade. This was great because we try to see at least some of the parades, but we have’t made one yet. So this really worked out. Probably the most fun part of the parade was that the floats kept squirting into the crowd when folks aren’t looking. With the heat it was pretty welcome too. I managed to dodge a few shots that came my way so they hit the person behind me. Sucker.

When we were done with Disney, we headed back to California Adventure for dinner. We figured we could get two parades in one day. The parade goes right by the Golden Vine Winery restaurant, so Yulia worked on getting a good table, and Sasha and I used fastpasses for the Incredicoaster. Sasha was a huge fan of the original California Screamin‘ – it was her first really big rollercoaster. This is the same coaster with some theme updates.  Even just those small changes really make it fun. You end up chasing the baby Jack-Jack around the coaster, each of the tunnels on the coaster has a new scene. With music and characters around. It’s really cool.

20180708_201254We got back to Yulia and she managed to get us on the list  for a table to view the parade. We were actually really early for the parade, so we dragged our feet in everything to make dinner last longer. The food and wine are actually really good here, it’s Italian themed, and had a good wine list. I got their Italian Flight, and Yulia had some Chianti. She choose right, and after my flight I stuck with the Chianti. The sun went down, and we saw the parade heading our way.

This is the new version of the old Disney Electric Light Parade. It’s called Paint the Night.  When I went to Disney with my Grandfather, we always saw the Electric Parade. When we brought Sasha her second time, they brought the Electric Parade back for just a few years. So she got to see the same original parade. Now there’s a new one. It’s a lot more technical, and I love it. They use just a little bit of the original music in the new parade so a few of us really old folks can hear it. Nice retro trickery.

The parade was great. We had perfect seats and great wine for the whole thing. Two parades in one day, that’s how you do Disney.