The Medium is the Massage

I had booked a spa day for Yulia and Sasha for today. That wasn’t until 10 so we could try to rest in the morning.

Unfortunately we got a 6 am wake up call from our pet sitter – she was driving our cat Ozzy to the pet ER. Ozzy had late stage Liver Cancer and was on a series of meds – we knew this was coming and hoped he would make it so our sitter didn’t have to deal with it, but unfortunately he collapsed, and while I was on the phone with the doctor he told me that there wasn’t anything further we could do – Ozzy’s breathing was more and more labored, so I gave the OK to put him to sleep. We knew this was coming and were lucky to have an extra month with him after his initial diagnosis, but it still hurt terribly. At least he wasn’t in any pain in the end. He was a sweet cat.

That news shot any further sleep for anyone , so we went to grab some breakfast and walk it off. The big walk around the grounds helped clear our heads, and once we were feeling normal we caught a golf cart shuttle to the spa. Since we were now members we had access to the whole hydrotherapy section as part of our stay, and a discount for Yulia’s and Sasha’s massages. THey went bac, and Petru and I signed up for next and upper back massages. I’m really not a spa kind of guy, but it was a shit morning and my neck is already a mess from computer work – so why not.

The hydrotherapy section where we started was basically a circuit of Saunas, Spas, hot and cold water immersion, and swimming. It’s really pretty good. We did that to relax until our time was up then did the back massage. The last time I went for a back massage was after a car accident when I needed that to help with pain – but honestly its still not something I feel comfortable with. Human beings are creepy and I prefer them to keep their distance. But it really did help. We went back and swam more after that, but whatever oil they used on my back refused to wash off in the showers so i was walking around feeling like a 6-foot tall glazed donut.

Yulia and Sasha finished after a while and joined us, and we spent more time in the pool here. it was hot and there was some pretty nice shade over the pool. Ther was also a small juice bar so we had some ginger shots so we felt healthy and organic and stuff. It was past lunchtime at this point, so we walked back to our rooms to get some regular pool gear, and headed to the restaurant by the infinity pool.

We got a table right on the seawall, overlooking the ocean. It was humid and hot out. We ordered some drinks right away and picked up some really nice tacos and food at the buffet. This restaurant is particularly good – but in the heat it’s tough to eat. The heat pretty quickly chased us into the pool – we were wise enough to skip the iodine pool this time and just cooled off in the water by the bar.

I’ve begun to settle on a Mezcal Paloma as the drink of choice. The mixer situation is not great at most of the bars, so unless I see everything for a drink – it’s gonna be beer, shots, or tropical drinks. and the Margaritas are a bit too sweet for my taste. We floated with our drinks for a bit – Yulia swam over to get some coconuts to have coconut water from. It is the silliest thing ever to float in a pool with a straw in a coconut. but honestly, how can you resist?

We then found out that this pool has the activity area on one end. Yulia walked over just in time for Salsa Dancing lessons. She had been hoping that something like this would happen, so she was really thrilled to join in. Naturally she picked up everything instantly, I did not join as i did not want to shame her or worse, pull something. The tiles were hot so I got a few pictures then dipped back into the pool to cool off while she did the class.

When it was over they let us know that the next event was a Tequila Tasting – finally something that uses my skills! We waded through the pool to get our stuff dropped it by the activity area just in time for the tasting to start. We have done so many tequila tastings that we probably could run a class, but this also included a few Mezcals that I hadn’t had and we got some Mezcal history as well – that was new to us. Yulia isn’t really a tequila drinker – but she tasted a few sips and poured me the rest of hers. I didn’t want any to go to waste – conserve your natural resources!

We also found that they have an app that points out all these little events, so we will be looking to find more like this going on. For the resto of the day we just went back to Pool hopping. We had a tour booked at 6:30 in the morning. So we didn’t want to stay up too late.

The day started poorly, but ended well. Very excited to see Ruins tomorrow.