Vary this!

This was my first full week pressing and using the new Enter the Kettlebell Plus. What a great Program! The program reduces the pressing days to two per week, and ballistics days to two per week, with two variety days. The last day is rest.There are several different Press/Squat/Pull/Jerk exercises, so this helps me out since with less identical motion, the chance of aggravating my elbow (an RSI) is reduced. The workload is high, but not crazy. It really seems to be a good new balance. I am keeping my times for workout short, but a bit random. I’ll start adding more time each week.

This is a real winner of a program so far. In a few weeks I might add pull-ups again. But maybe in a week I’ll do some light rows to start strengthening my back. I haven’t been able to do any of that for a while. We’ll see. In any case, it feels good to be pressing again.

Week of 1/2/10


    20KG KB Military Press – 4 Minutes
    20KG + 16KG KB Double Front Squat – 4 Minutes
    20KG + 16KG KB See-Saw Press – 4 Minutes

    16KG KB Fast Cadence Snatch – 10 minutes (got 100 in first 5 minutes)
    16KG KB Viking Push Press – 10 minutes

    Variety Light Work
    16KG KB Military Press – 6 Minutes
    Pistols – 6 minutes
    20KG + 16KG KB Alternating Military Press – 6 Minutes

    16KG KB Slow Cadence Snatch – 7 minutes
    20KG + 16KG KB Double Jerk – 7 minutes

    Variety Abs & Light Work