Wabbit Season

Gymnastics is done for the season, so I can get back onto a regular schedule. I can feel that I have been out a bit as I was a bit lethargic to get started again. But the good end was that it counted as a “down” week, so I can start pushing hard again. I hit 90 on a 5 min. snatch test this week with the 20KG. Once I hit 100, I will start with the 24KG. My goal this year is hitting the SSST (200 in 10 min with the 24KG). Only 9 months left, so I’d better get cracking!

It’s also time for me to start pressing heavier. I will start on the 32KG next. My goal for pressing will be to press 48KG overhead with 1 arm. If I hit both of these, I have completed the Enter the Kettlebell Right of Passage.

I also found out there is another HKC certification in June. Need to start working on my Pull-ups for that. Hopefully I won’t have another scheduling conflict. We shall see.

Week of 3/21/10

    Meet Scoring

    20KG KB Fast Cadence snatch – 5 minutes (90)

    24KG KB TGU – 3/3
    24KG KB jerk – 8 minutes
    24KG + 20KG KB See-Saw Press – 8 Minutes
    Pistols  – 3 minutes
    24KG Clean and Press – 5 Minutes


    16KG + 20KG KB Double snatch – 6 minutes
    16KG + 12KG KB Double Viking Push Press – 11 minutes