Yellow Sky-ball Strikes!

Oh thank God we finally got a clear day. After the torrential crapstorm that has been plaguing us, I was getting ready for frogs and locusts. Of course, clear weather means big allergies, but that will die down after a few days so I will take it.

Looks lie we get a whole week of this nice sky madness. too bad we couldn’t get it when I was cycling for the Livestrong thing, but maybe if we get this for a few weeks I can start getting some longer rides in. I actually mapped out a full 100 mile route, it lops Lake washington, Mercer Island, and Lake Sammamish. It is a pretty sweet route, but I will need to work up to it.

I am really looking forward to longer and longer rides. after the last three rides, 45 miles is in my comfort zone. I think a 65 mile ride may be next. I have been doing heavy squats to build up my legs for the hills. Really, You can go forever on a flat run, but you get destroyed by the hills.

In any case. I’m glad to see the sun.