…and the 20KG does down.

I just hit one of my goals for the year. 100 snatches with the 20KG kettlebell in 5 minutes. I had a whole 2 seconds to spare. When I add this to the Livestrong ride on sunday this has need a pretty active week.

Earlier in the year, someone on the Dragondoor boards asked “fit for what?” when another poster asked “how do I become fit?”

It’s actually a great question. “Fitness” really only applies to what you personally want to do. At the time, my answer was to just be healthier. Then at the beginning of the year, I set a few goals, this being one of them. When I did the Red Hook ride earlier, I was really surprised at how my cycling ability was so much better despite not being on the bike for so long. (improvements in both leg strength from squats and VO2Max from snatches.)

So I’m adding to my goals doing the Livestrong ride again, for either the 75 or 100 mile distance. I have also mapped out a 104 mile loop to try locally. It goes around lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, Mercer Island, and Bellevue. I want to ride that.

If I can hit those I’ll see about doing STP in two years.

Fit for that.

Week of 6/20/10

Livestrong 45 Mile Ride

20KG + 16KG KB High Stop Military Press – 10 Minutes
16KG + 20KG KB Double Front Squat – 6 Minutes
20KG KB Clean and Press – 5 Minutes

5 Mile Bike Ride


16KG + 24KG KB See-Saw Press – 9 Minutes
20KG + 16KG KB Double Front Squat – 7 minutes
16KG + 24KG KB High Stop Military Press Press – 7 Minutes


20KG KB Fast Cadence Snatch – 5 minutes (100!)