Tie one on

WP_20150621_20_11_06_ProOur first day on the boat was a day at sea. We went up to the pool in the morning and sat there. We didn’t do a goddamn thing all day.


We had some drinks. Around 6pm, Yulia and Sasha went for a massage. I listened to an audiobook all day.

Tonight was the formal dinner, so at 7:15 or so we started getting ready. This was our one and only plan for the day. My tux was in great shape, and Yulia and Sasha had their dresses all prepped. The massage did them both good, and they were hungry and ready for dinner.  Our dinnertime was at 8:15, the “late” dinner. We got in line, and things were a bit of a zoo on the Promenade deck. We were right at the front of the line waiting to get in the dining room, but it looked like the previous dinner ran long. We had a nice table in the center of the room, and the view of the dining room was great. The whole place had a “Bacchus” theme, with golden vines along the walls and “Grapes” for lights. There were Greek statues around, and a view out the stern of the ship.

They had some reasonable French wine available, and the menu was excellent, Sasha and I had Prime Rib, Yulia had Lobster. But with our order in, the waiting began. The chaos from the previous dinner was impacting the service for our dinner, and we saw servers running around like mad trying to catch up. Our Appetizers arrived before our wine, and we were dangerously close to sobering up. I gently reminded one of the servers about our wine, and it appeared shortly. The food started catching up shortly thereafter, and it was excellent.

Once the dinner was served, a bit of music came on, and the host tried to get the room to sing along to “That’s Amore” This didn’t work, but was fun to watch. Then they put on a some to get couples to dance. This also didn’t work, so we sent Sasha to dance with the Maître’ D. He thought this was cute until she mentioned that she was a gold level competitive ballroom dancer. He was embarrassed a bit as she was a far better dancer than he was, and we got faster service after that. The whole dining room team danced after the main course each night apparently. They weren’t actually very good, but they tried really hard.

A good day of rest. We had the stop in Cabo tomorrow, but we could sleep in as it was a 10:30 arrival.