Make that a Double Double

I started out this week trying to catch up to the missed days last week. Since I actually had a little time on Sunday I decided to go over to the Pro Club for a change and see about using the Kettlebells there. The first thing I noticed at the pro club is the almost total lack of Free Weights in the Free Weight Room. It is pretty much full of machines that you load weights onto but only the dumbbells, curling bars, and Kettlebells are actually free. Barbells are only on the Bench presses.

As I went in, there were a few guys working out, but I was also surprised at how little effort was going on. It was kind of like watching rehab workouts. The kettlebells were on a small stand. All the smaller sizes were beat to crap, but the larger ones were almost pristine. They had 32KG and 28KG bells, which I don’t have at home, so I thought I would try some heavy pressing. I was able to strictly Clean and Press the 28, no problem. But the 32 I could Clean and Press only about halfway up. So I guess it’s my new goal.

I finished out with some snatches and Long Cycle, and felt like a total alien working out there. But it was fun. I swear I was the only guy in that room that broke a sweat.

Lots of snatches and Double snatches this week. the High Stop Military Press starts with a Double Snatch, which I did for the first time with a 20 and a 24 – that’s almost 100 pounds to fling over your head. And it was pretty scary the first time i did it. But once you do it once, it’s old hat.

Week of 2/28/10

    28KG KB Clean & Press 1/1
    20KG KB  Fast Cadence snatch – 5 minutes
    20KG + 20KG KB Double Clean and Jerk – 5 minutes

    16KG + 20KG KB Double Clean and Press – 7 Minutes
    16KG + 20KG KB Double Front Squat – 7 Minutes
    24KG KB Clean and Press – 7 Minutes
    Pull-ups – 3

    24KG KB Swings – 6 minutes
    16KG KB Viking Push Press – 6 minutes

    24KG + 20KG KB High Stop Military Press – 8 Minutes
    24KG + 20KG KB Double Front Squat  – 8 minutes
    24KG KB Braced Military Press – 8 Minutes

    16KG + 12KG KB Double snatch – 9 minutes
    16KG + 12KG KB Double Viking Push Press – 9 minutes

    24KG KB TGU – 3/3
    40# Full Contact Twist – 5 sets of 5
    Abs Wheel – 3 sets of 5
    10# Saxon Side Bends – 2 sets of 5